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Vasave Career Solutions are known for being a specialist in a number of fields, and one of the fields we specialise in is healthcare recruitment. Vasave Careers provide care assistants and nurses to hospitals and top care homes across the United Kingdom. We are dedicated to allocating dedicated Nurses and Care assistants from India into the healthcare sector.

At Vasave we are committed to helping and supporting the careers of any individual we come across that is as equally committed to their profession in the healthcare sector as we are. We make sure that the process of allocating you to the right job is a swift and easy process.

At Vasave Careers we pride ourselves in ensuring exceptional customer service to our clients with reliable, experienced and professional advisors who understand that each client has different requirements which we are more than happy to address to the best of our ability so that our clients, like you, are satisfied.

Come and speak to our kind helpful recruitment advisors today, we are more than happy to help you.

Care Assistants

What we do at Vasave Careers is, we recruit staff and supply the staff to care homes across the United Kingdom, to employers who are seeking highly skilled staff. So we are committed to allocating Care assistants who want to work in the healthcare sector.

We offer Care assistants with a variety of shift patterns for individuals seeking work as a care assistant. So whether it be full time, part time or night shift, our recruitment team will be able to provide you with the best choice for you.

So, are you looking for permanent staff to work in your hospital or care home? Are you looking for an opportunity to work in the healthcare sector? Then please contact us so that we can help you achieve your aim as soon as possible.

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Vasave Careers recruit both Nurses and registered nurses to work for our clients, whether that be in hospitals, GPs, etc or in the private sector. We ensure that the nurses we recruit meet the high standards we uphold at vasave so that we supply the right clients to the best fitted place of work.

Registered Nurses

Nurses looking for an opportunity to work in the health sector must be registered nurses. Nurses must meet the required level of qualifications in order to be accepted by our recruitment.

Non-Registered Nurses

We also help non registered nurses and provide them with an opportunity to work in the health sector, this role does not require the same level of qualification as a registered nurse.

Job Listings

When you are ready, feel free to get in contact with us, our recruitment staff will be ready to communicate with you to establish the following procedures needed. Click here to begin.